The champions are taking the lead.

We would argue that nobody is more passionate about selling the Toronto Region than the team at Toronto Global. But, where would we be without our champions? From Clarington to Burlington, from Lake Simcoe to Lake Ontario, we have an arsenal of ambassadors that have never stopped believing in the Toronto Region and driving toward bigger and better.  

As we take steps to rebuild, partnerships have never been more important to the work we do. We lean on the critical relationships that we have built to amplify our core messages to investors – the Toronto Region is the best place in North America to live, work, and invest. We value the work that we do in collaboration with our municipal partners, the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Global Affairs Canada, FedDev Ontario, Invest Ontario, the Consider Canada City Alliance, and Invest in Canada. Our partners are an extension of our team. We would like to acknowledge our collective efforts and our shared successes.

Our champions believe in the Toronto Region comeback story. Whether it’s a multinational tech company making a big bet on its investment in the region; an emerging hardware sector that puts us on the map as a global hub, at a time when electric vehicles are hotter than ever; or working side-by-side with a world-renowned institution like the University of Toronto to pitch the Toronto Region to international businesses, our work at Toronto Global is only strengthened and emboldened by our colleagues throughout the region dedicated to a resurgent Toronto Region. 

Join us in learning first-hand from our incredible partners how we work together, and work toward rebuilding a region that’s stronger than ever.

partner videos

Dennis Croft

CEO, 1855 Whitby
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Clare Barnett

Director, City of Brampton Economic Development
Vice Chair, EDO Management Council
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Matt Skynner

Chief Operating Officer, ventureLAB
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HCL Fireside Chat

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Chris Yip

Dean of Engineering, University of Toronto
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