The team continues to come through in inspiring ways.

The Toronto Global staff along with our talented Board of Directors, continues to grow and evolve, comprised of a team of diverse, and hardworking professionals, each contributing to the many accomplishments that the organization has achieved thus far.

Since our launch, the team has been working tirelessly to push the boundaries of investment attraction and develop innovative new methods of reaching international investors and telling the story of a region that is truly second to none in the global economy.

Our team recognizes the critical role that we will play in the economic recovery and rebuilding of our region. At Toronto Global, we are passionate about the Toronto Region and the municipalities that we represent, and our work has never been more meaningful or important in forging a prosperous, strengthened path forward.

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The past year has presented challenges for us all, but our faith and commitment to this region has not wavered. As you’ll see and hear, wins can come in all shapes and sizes, cementing our unyielding confidence in the business community and the ever-resilient people living and working throughout the Toronto Region.

Bart Deelen

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Salman Khan

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Sean Mui-Tummers

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Matt Switzer

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This is how we come back stronger than ever.

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